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Eaton Maintenance Contracts / Service Plans

Eaton maintenance contracts or service plans provide the most current manufactures firmware upgrades and insure proper implementation and operation. The investment was justified, why not invest in the reliability of that investment. A third party maintenance contract can’t give you that peace of mind. Make the move now. Be on the offensive. Request a Quote today.

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Why Invest in Proper Maintenance for Your Uninterruptible Power Supply?

An effective preventive maintenance strategy can be one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to ensure the ongoing health of both your critical equipment and your overall business. The most common causes of UPS failures are:

  1. Batteries – Studies show that bad batteries are a leading cause of UPS failures, with temperature and cumulative discharges cited as the primary culprits.
  2. Fans – Some fans fail because of their own electrical or mechanical limitations, or when their ball bearings become dried out. Some fans may withstand as much as 10 years of continuous use, while others run for only short periods before locking up for mechanical reasons.
  3. DC Caps – Like batteries, electrolytic capacitors degrade over time. When a capacitor fails, there might not be any immediate visible effects.
  4. Transient Spikes – The input side of the UPS (filter/rectifier) may be damaged when a transient spike occurs.

How high is your risk of UPS failure?

Positive preventive maintenance significantly reduces the probability of a load loss event. Without proper maintenance, many UPSs fail prematurely because critical components, such as batteries and capacitors, wear out from normal use.

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Eaton Service Plans

Eaton service plan PowerTrust Value ProActive PowerTrust PowerTrust Preferred
Parts and labor for electronics Included Included Included Included
Parts and labor for batteries Optional Optional Optional Optional
8×5 onsite corrective maintenance Included Not included Not included Not included
24×7 onsite corrective maintenance Not included Included Included Included
Next business day response Included Not included Not included Not included
8-hour response Not included Included Included Included
4-hour response (where available) Not included Optional Optional Optional
2-hour response (where available) Not included Optional Optional Optional
8×5 UPS preventative maintenance visit 1 per year Optional 1 per year Optional
24×7 UPS preventative maintenance visit Optional 1 per year Not included 2 per year
Battery preventative maintenance visit Optional Optional 1 per year 1 per year
PredictPulse remote monitoring service Included Included Included Included
Discounted spare parts & upgrade kits & Time and Material Not included 30% 30% 30%
Three Year Fixed Price Optional Optional Optional Optional

= Included feature     = Optional feature

Why You Need an Eaton Service Plan with EGS

An effective preventive maintenance plan will save time and money by minimizing business interruption and the costs of downtime, as well as enhancing your overall return on investment by extending the lifespan of your critical power equipment. Preventive maintenance is also crucial to achieving maximum performance from your equipment by affording the opportunity to detect and repair potential problems before they become significant and costly issues, thereby minimizing the risk of unplanned downtime. 

Why you need an Eaton Contract

  • Minimize interruption to your business from lost or corrupted files and hardware malfunctions
  • Maximize the performance of your UPS via systematic inspections, testing and cleaning by trained EATON technicians 
  • Enhance your return on investment by reducing the risk of downtime 
  • Genuine OEM parts
  • Receive upgrades in firmware on UPS to improve the operating efficiency of the system

Still working with a third party contract?

  • EATON provides factory-trained and authorized expert field technicians with an average of 10+ years of tenure exclusively on Eaton UPSs
  • EATON technicians have direct access to factory and product electrical design engineers and software technical support to back them up in the field.
  • Only Eaton Certified technicians can access, troubleshoot, and upgrade the operational firmware on your UPS
  • EATON offers 24×7 remote monitoring and predictive analytics to proactively repair systems in advance of failure

See even more EGS perks

  • Easy to apply for an EATON maintenance contract online.
  • No face to face contact with a salesperson
  • Apply anytime day or night
  • In most cases a 24 hour turn around on quotes
  • Secure login access with username and password
  • View multiple contracts from multiple locations from one source